Our pricing

How it works

Dr. Rounds® features require a subscription to use for each mobile app user. It is simple, for $59.99 a month or $599.99 a year (a two month savings), you get full access to Dr. Rounds® and 5GB of image storage. Support staff, billers/coders and secretaries don't cost a dime and have full access to the web based portal.

Integrating your EHR

Dr. Rounds® can integrate into many EHR platforms - if we don't currently we can do it. Our system has been designed so we ideally have no integration costs at all.

Some EHR vendors charge fees to access their interfaces. Any and all fees are passed onto your organization directly, without any up charge from us.

Some hospitals may charge fees as well to setup interfaces, again we don't up charge these fees, they will simply be passed on to you.